Thursday, December 29, 2011

Unflinching support...

 Most often, when i visit Soccer portals, I'm intrigued on how most footie managers showcase utmost backup to their players even when they don't deserve such support.

Hear Kenny Dalglish's defense of striker, Andy Carroll's season performances - "I don't think self-belief is a problem for Andy Carroll, I don't see why it should be,"  

Andre Villas-Boas of Chelsea FC had nothing but praise for Fernando Torres, despite watching the £50m man fluff his first Premier League start for almost two months in the home derby against Fulham. Even when it seemed the spaniard did little or nothing to contribute in the game, AVB goes on to say "He's been working well and he had an impact in the game. He worked well for the team, assisted Mata for his goal, and showed the level of commitment he has shown in training."   Villas-Boas pointed out the Spaniard had set up Juan Mata's opener, neglecting to mention that was only because he(Torres) had miscontrolled Ashley Cole's cross.

OR was it Arsene Wenger's refusal to sell Pascal Cygan or Manu Adebayor when it seemed these fellas just couldn't fit into the team.

Sometimes i wonder if we could just show a teeny tiny bit of this kind of support displayed by these managers to that spouse who just nags continously, to that sibling who doesn't seem to just get it right, to that friend who hasn't failed to disappoint you...the list is endless, but i'm sure you get my point.

Hey, I know some people might never justify your support but that shouldn't be your worry...the thing is you gave him/her a second chance maybe a tenth chance to get it together

With this sort of disposition you just might save a life, career, marriage, relationship...who knows!

Happy Holidays!


Monday, April 11, 2011

This guy is nuts!!! Great song!!!

I'm just cooling off this afternoon with this song. LOL! @ "my jollof-rice! how you dey do today?"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do i smell a revolution???

As updates of yesterday's National assembly elections keep pouring in, I feel nothing but pure excitement. I can't believe it!!! The People's Democratic Party (PDP) is gradually losing ground across the states. From Lagos (a no-contender) to Abuja, from Ogun to major parts of the North, the PDP has seemingly lost its relevance. I learned a PDP House of Rep candidate fainted when he had three votes despite voting with his four wives (meaning two of the wives voted against him) .There were even reports that certain key individuals in the nation’s polity even lost in their residential polling booths – Chei! at least even if no one votes for you in other parts of the country, make you still try win support from your neighbors na, lol

I must confess, countdown to the general elections had witnessed so much momentum. From the Presidential debate – Yes! the one our dear President no gree show up for; to the MTV collaboration with Nigerian artists  - "Choose or Lose” which was to encourage Young Nigerians to register and vote, I knew there is something about (in Dr. Sid’s voice) these elections. Even Blackberry users were not spared with constant broadcast messages reminding them on who and who not to vote for.

The large turn-out of voters yesterday was a clear pointer that the masses have realized that the future of our beloved country simply lays in exercising their franchise.

Aside the bomb-blasts that occurred in the Northern parts of the country (Niger & Bornu states), it was a largely peaceful and well-conducted one. I guess Professor Jega gets some thumbs-up for once. My heart goes out to the lives lost in yesterday’s bomb-blasts especially the youth corp members (NYSC) who were caught in acts of shame and disgrace by those who believe Naija (yes Dora! I said it) doesn’t deserve peaceful elections.

PS: Unfortunately, I didn’t get to vote as I was not around my registration location, but trust me that is no excuse for the Presidential elections. **sly grin**

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Phonetics, Accents & 'Oyinbo'

Phew! I have just stepped out of a meeting and all i can seem to recall were - accents ('oyinbo' as it is popularly referred to in Nigeria) and phonetics. I really got a heavy dose of them! I had to ask a particular guy to repeat himself several times not because i don't understand foreign accents, but he was using it so badly. I have always been a firm believer in self-development especially when it comes to giving speeches, conversations etc. I believe you judge a person by words uttered, nonetheless... i still believe in being R-E-A-L. The most important thing in communication is being clearly understood in the simplest manner by the listener.

Everywhere i go these days, people seem to be have some kind of foreign accent and it's amazing how unoriginal these accents are. A friend of mine who had just gone for a year to the UK for Masters study suddenly came back with a very thick British accent. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying it's not possible to catch on an accent that quick, but i'm at loss to know if she's genuine about it because she uses it flawlessly. Someone once told me that it is necessary to catch on these foreign accents as they come in quite handy when you're holding conversations with highly-placed individuals in our society and foreign nationals just to pass for a well-educated/traveled person. In fact, someone said "you get to climb up the social ladder fast with an 'oyinbo' accent"

Funnily, not everyone with this foreign accent has actually left the shores of Nigeria, not to talk of Accra (obviously you don't catch the kind of accent i'm referring to here)...My point is simple...speak clear and well- constructed English! For those who have these accents genuinely, by all means go ahead. For those who alternate accents - you catch them saying 'Nice' today and tomorrow they pronounce it 'Noiceee'...stick to one please. I met someone who said he has three accents - the British, Jamaican and French. How he instinctively knows when to use them i can't tell but i do know he goes through unnecessary stress in communication.

For me i'll just keep being REAL! lol

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

If you're reading this post...Congratulations! You made it to 2011. 2011 no doubt is gonna be a great year.  There's so much to be done...but it's gonna be one step at a time.

One of those things I've put myself to accomplish this year is to READ as much as possible. I've always loved books, i even try to collect them but i never get to read them. This is so uncool for a 21st century guy (Yeah, u heard that right) so from now on, I've set a target of at least 2 books a does that sound? lol

So currently i'm reading a great book by T.D. Jakes - BEFORE YOU DO..Man! this book is loaded, to think i bought it as far back as June 2010 and couldn't go past the center page makes me wanna pull my ears real hard. Bishop (as he's commonly referred to) took out time to explain and analyze key situations in our lives that require great decisions so as to avoid regrets...

I think 2011 will be all about making great decisions...