Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

If you're reading this post...Congratulations! You made it to 2011. 2011 no doubt is gonna be a great year.  There's so much to be done...but it's gonna be one step at a time.

One of those things I've put myself to accomplish this year is to READ as much as possible. I've always loved books, i even try to collect them but i never get to read them. This is so uncool for a 21st century guy (Yeah, u heard that right) so from now on, I've set a target of at least 2 books a does that sound? lol

So currently i'm reading a great book by T.D. Jakes - BEFORE YOU DO..Man! this book is loaded, to think i bought it as far back as June 2010 and couldn't go past the center page makes me wanna pull my ears real hard. Bishop (as he's commonly referred to) took out time to explain and analyze key situations in our lives that require great decisions so as to avoid regrets...

I think 2011 will be all about making great decisions...


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