Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do i smell a revolution???

As updates of yesterday's National assembly elections keep pouring in, I feel nothing but pure excitement. I can't believe it!!! The People's Democratic Party (PDP) is gradually losing ground across the states. From Lagos (a no-contender) to Abuja, from Ogun to major parts of the North, the PDP has seemingly lost its relevance. I learned a PDP House of Rep candidate fainted when he had three votes despite voting with his four wives (meaning two of the wives voted against him) .There were even reports that certain key individuals in the nation’s polity even lost in their residential polling booths – Chei! at least even if no one votes for you in other parts of the country, make you still try win support from your neighbors na, lol

I must confess, countdown to the general elections had witnessed so much momentum. From the Presidential debate – Yes! the one our dear President no gree show up for; to the MTV collaboration with Nigerian artists  - "Choose or Lose” which was to encourage Young Nigerians to register and vote, I knew there is something about (in Dr. Sid’s voice) these elections. Even Blackberry users were not spared with constant broadcast messages reminding them on who and who not to vote for.

The large turn-out of voters yesterday was a clear pointer that the masses have realized that the future of our beloved country simply lays in exercising their franchise.

Aside the bomb-blasts that occurred in the Northern parts of the country (Niger & Bornu states), it was a largely peaceful and well-conducted one. I guess Professor Jega gets some thumbs-up for once. My heart goes out to the lives lost in yesterday’s bomb-blasts especially the youth corp members (NYSC) who were caught in acts of shame and disgrace by those who believe Naija (yes Dora! I said it) doesn’t deserve peaceful elections.

PS: Unfortunately, I didn’t get to vote as I was not around my registration location, but trust me that is no excuse for the Presidential elections. **sly grin**

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